• Firewise Safety

    Creating defensible space on your property & around your home.

  • Tree Support & Lightning Protection

    Static Cable Systems; Dynamic Support Systems; Bracing, Guying, and Propping; Lightning Protection Systems; Inspection and Maintenance

  • Tree Assessment & Risk Management

    Tree Inspection; Tree Decay; Risk Assessment; Mitigation Options; Liability and Negligence; Arboriculture and the Law

  • Tree Disorder Diagnosis & Treatment

    Soil Testing; Foliar Analysis; Nutritional Deficiencies and/ or Toxicity Levels; biotic and abiotic disorders; fungal infection; pest management

  • Public Speaking & Community Awareness

    Tree Workshops HOA Speaking Engagements Firewise Safety and Protection Homeowner Education Community Presentations

  • Tree Removals

    Hazardous tree removals; technical tree climbing; tie offs and rigging of large limbs; fully insured

  • Tree Planting & Transplanting

    Tree selection, planting and installation; irrigation set-up and install; routine maintenance on young newly planted trees

  • Tree pruning

    Structural and basal pruning; crown thinning, crown reduction, crown cleaning; directional pruning.

  • Emergency Storm Damage Services

    Monsoon storm, wind, and winter storm damage; assistance 24 hours a day

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