Where to Water

By David

We must work with nature if we are to successfully coexist. Having trees in our lives is a wonderfully rewarding blessing. To insure their long, healthy life it is important to water them properly. All too often I see a hose or drip line positioned against the trees trunk, or very close to it. This is not good. The trunk of a tree provides stability and storage of starch, but it does not take in water. The absorbing roots which pull in moisture are located far from the trunk out under the dripline of the tree. To determine the dripline of any tree, stand back at a considerable distance and draw an imaginary line from the edge of the trees canopy to the ground. Do this at each of the four cardinal points making a mark on the ground. Then connect these points and you will have a circle surrounding the tree but at some distance from the trunk. The area where you want to water lies in the area one foot on each side of your line. That is where your trees absorbing roots are. Continual watering of the trunk promotes root rot, fungal growth and wood decay which severely jeopardizes the health and strength of the tree. Call us today and see what a difference it makes to have a certified arborist care for your trees: 480-364-3344. Check us out online at: or Like us on Facebook or find us on Yelp.

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