Rain, rain rain!!

By David

How wonderful it is to be getting all this rain!! We are certainly climbing out of the drought and providing valuable moisture to our plants and trees. When it comes to heavy rainfall, we often think of a trees value in its roots and how they hold soil against erosion. Indeed, this is true; but the opposite end of the tree is no less responsible!!

During rain storms, a tree's canopy intercepts precipitation, softening its blow onto the soil and reducing the overall amount that actually makes it to the ground. In addition, a leafy layer of mulch on the ground is vital to the slowing down of erosion and storm water runoff. The faster the water moves the faster ground particles and valuable nutrients are displaced. The bigger the canopy, the greater the interception of the effects of heavy rain. Thus, trees influence the rate of storm water runoff. Studies have also shown that evergreen trees are more effective than deciduous trees in their ability to moderate runoff. Next time you admire the beautiful crown of your trees, remember that the canopy is reducing the intensity of storm water runoff and thus, minimizing the damaging effects of soil erosion on our property.


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