Payson Fire Safety Ordinance

By David

The Payson Roundup recently published an article announcing that the town council will be preparing and passing a local ordinance requiring home and land owners to create defensible space on their properties. Many residents will be offended and appalled that a town council would have the audacity to tell homeowners what they must do on their land!! On the other side, we do live in the wildland urban interface, an area of human habitation amidst the fire prone wilderness of thickly vegetated forest. Fire is a natural part of this ecosystem, and living within it requires constant vigilance and perpetual preparation; after all, we are the intruders here!! The bottom line is Payson cares and wants us all to be protected when wildfire arrives. We will all be very thankful when that day comes. Natural Beauty Tree Works, LLC has been working with all local fire departments for many years helping to keep residents safe from the ravaging effects of forest fires. Look us up at or call us at: 480-364-3344 and we will come inspect your property, measure, and give you a life-saving estimate!! Rest easy this wildfire season, and avoid potential fines and penalties. Do your part and keep our communities safe!!


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