The Best Time is Now!!

By David

Most folks don't think about trees in the winter months!! When one mentions planting and pruning, visions of springtime dance in our heads!! But the honest to God truth is that right now is the best time to perform these tasks. In the coldest months most trees are in dormancy, a state of hibernation where all the normal processes are slowed way down. This is the best time to prune limbs, plant and transplant. The risk of shock is minimized during dormancy and the tree responds to pruning much better than in the springtime. Do not make the mistake of pruning during the initial flush of new growth. Not only is this the best time biologically to work on your trees, but economically as well. The winter months are when tree companies are not as busy, and thus, our rates are much cheaper. so, reprogram your mind to think of trees when you think of cold outside; you will save your trees much agony, and your wallet some hard earned money!! Call today for a free estimate and see what a difference it makes to have a certified arborist care for your trees. Be sure to visit us at and like us on Facebook or find us on Yelp!!


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