Spring has Sprung!

By David


Many folks are planting trees this spring. The local nursery is bustling with cheery faced residents glad to have made it through another Rim country winter. If you are among the many folks planting trees this spring, I have an indispensable tip for you: inspect the roots! When you find a tree that you like ask the nursery personnel if you can inspect the roots. Pull the root ball from the pot and check to be sure that the roots are not going around in circles. Girdling roots will slowly strangle the tree, inhibiting water and nutrient uptake. I have removed trees after many years of normal growth only to find the roots were girdling the trunk. Do yourself a favor and take a few minutes to inspect the roots; you may even have to remove a little soil to expose them so you can ensure they are not encircling the container. This extra effort will insure that your tree will grow tall and thick and provide you with shade, beauty and privacy for many years.

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