Nasty Mistletoe

By David


Mistletoe is a parasite that lives off the cambium layer of its host and survives through photosynthesis. The seeds are very sticky and are spread by wind and birds. If left untreated, mistletoe will severely stunt and even kill its host. Successful eradication requires elimination of one of the two sources of its existence: water from the tree or the sun. Since eliminating the water from its host would entail killing the tree, we are left with having to kill the sun!! After removing the mistletoe from its point of attachment, wrap black tape around the site or apply a pruning seal. This will cut off all sunlight to the living remainder and subsequently kill it. Mistletoe is responsible for ruining many Cedar and Juniper trees here in Rim Country; proper eradication is necessary to stop its slow but eventual advance. Call us with any questions, look us up at: or like us on Facebook or find us on Yelp.

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