Fun In The Trees

By Hadassah Pegado


So, what does an arborist do for fun? Thanks for asking! Every year, the Arizona Community Tree Council (ACTC presents its Arizona Tree Climbing championship. At this wonderful event, we gaze at, admire, and climb some very large trees! There are five events in which climbers compete: aerial rescue, belayed speed climb, secured footlock, work climb, and throwline. The top three climbers will then move on to compete in the Masters Challenge. In the Masters Challenge, climbers must secure a line up in a very large tree, ascend, move around to various stations, ring cowbells, touch flags, then descend back down to the ground. Judges score each contestant according to many criteria in addition to time. This year, they had a tree set aside for kids to climb complete with climbing saddles, safety helmets and all relevant gear. The youngsters all got to feel what it is like to climb as an arborist. The only drawback to this celebration of trees is that it comes but once a year! We look forward to seeing everybody again next year! We are at: ( and on Yelp and Facebook.

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